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Smile Again Dental Center was established in Orange County, California with one goal—to bring smiles back with the most care and expertise, without compromising quality and convenience. Aside from our specialized dentists and master dental technicians, experts from UCLA and Northwestern University, our in-house dental lab is an innovative approach to dental care, as most dental offices outsource their lab work.

With our lab, we're able to offer a faster turnaround time and a more patient-focused approach to get your smile just right. With our dental CAD/CAM milling machines, we're able to mill dentures and bridges in our office, offering a wide range of options and faster turnaround for patients missing teeth, especially who need "all-on-four" dental implants. Whether specializing the color, shape or size of a tooth, a set of implants or dentures, our in-house lab works with you on-site to get what you want, when you need it. With this lab, we're also able to better accommodate your emergency dentistry needs.

No matter what your situation, we'll work hard to find a solution because we want to get you smiling again.

Meet the Team

Dr. Anthony Nguyen

A friendly and knowledgeable dentist, Dr. Anthony Nguyen has been practicing dentistry for over 25 years. Following his graduation from Northwestern University's prestigious Dental School in 1992, he practiced in the Navy and worked throughout northern and southern California. Now, he proudly serves at Smile Again Dental Center, where he is often praised for his open communication, thoroughness and thoughtfulness in his patients' care.

Johnny Le

Passionate about providing unparalleled patient care in dentistry, Johnny has completed numerous aesthetic and functional training courses. With over 20 years of experience in the dental and laboratory technology field, Johnny serves as Dental Technician and Treatment Coordinator, ensuring each patient that comes through Smile Again Dental Center can really smile again.

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Smile Again Dental Center
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Smile Again Dental Center
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