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Richard Newhart, D.D.S.

Our goal is to help give people a second chance to enjoy time with their family and friends with a more confident, beautiful, TeethXpress smile!

Meet the Team

Dr. Richard Newhart

Dr. Richard Newhart is a periodontist, a gum disease specialist, in Parkersburg, WV. "The Gum Doctor" has been serving the Mid-Ohio Valley since 1989! He has extensive training, starting with graduating from Case Western Dental School in 1983 at the top of his class! He was accepted right out of dental school into periodontal specialty training at the prestigious University of Washington School of Dentistry Periodontal Program, where he completed an externship in 1999 on surgical dental implant placement at the MidWest Implant Institute in Columbus and was voted the most outstanding intern in his class! Since then, he studied advanced surgical technique in advanced bone grafting of the chin and sinus areas at the world famous Pikos Institute in Florida. Most recently, he has been trained in the TeethXpress protocol. Dr. Newhart has 20 years of experience placing dental implants!

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Richard Newhart, D.D.S.
1308 Market Street
Parkersburg, WV 26101

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